Gemstones Displays

Semiprecious stones

are used in interiors as inlays, overlays, with epoxy resins and as solid tiles. They are desirable for their beauty, valuable in their rarity and are durable enough to be enjoyed for generations. Gemstones are among the most individual of nature's creations. No two are alike. ...More on


Gemstone Sinks

landscapeWe Make gemstone sinks and Basins Using epoxy, overlay inlay of gemstones and MOP and solid Carving of stones. ...More on


Mineral Specimens

landscapeOur Company provide mineral specimen for interior decoration on whole sale basis. We also have a retail out let in Mumbai were customers can also make direct purchases. ...More on


Rocks for Landscaping

specimensWe provide several rough stones and mineral specimens for landscaping in bulk. We also undertake projects for gardens and exteriors. ...More on



Gem Pebbles

We are manufacturer of tumble, chips, pebbles in huge quantity and good quality for decoration, bead work, jewelry, landscaping, aquarium etc.. ...More on


Gifts articles and souvenirs

We make luxurious and high quality small gift articles and souvenirs by using overlay , inlay and epoxy using semiprecious gems and Mother of Pearl  ...More on


Metaphisical Products

We manufacture metaphysical lapidary products like wards, pencils, pyramids, balls eggs etc.  Crystal energy products. Also stone cabs and talismans etc. ...More on


Gem Mosaics

We make mosaics set on mash gauge which can be easily be put on different surfaces. mosty set with white cement.  . ...More on



Exterior textures

We offer various options for exterior landscaping using rocks and minerals. We create unique wall patterns and designs of minerals like Zeolites and Quartz ...More on

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New Treands



Mineral Light


Mineral Light is a hybrid Light that is formed when Light is passed through Mineral Crystals. Mineral Crystal Light that possesses the energy signature of the mineral crystal enrich the environment. The mineral crystals such as rock crystal or rose quartz emit radiate energy which fall upon areas of our body. The frequencies of crystallized light energy emitted by the mineral light excite the minerals within our own body on a molecular level, causing similar oscillations in our own elemental components. ...More on


Backlit Stone Interiors

This is a fascinating new concept, which is catching the fancy of designers. Translucent gemstones are cut and polished and made into slabs using epoxy. These when backlit, create wonderful interiors. ...More on



Etch Work on Granite


Etch work by hand on black granite is a very delicate art which takes years to master. It looks like sketching. but is more permanent as it in on a rock. We have artists who duplicate photos on stone by etchinging. These days etching is also done by lazer CAM Macines. ...More on


Types of Gem Tiles


Epoxy Gem Tiles:



Gem Overlay Tile:


Mother of Pearl Tiles:


Gem Tumble Tiles:


Gem Inlay Tiles:


Solid Gem Tiles: