Etch Work


Etching is the process of scratching the surface of polished stone on a micronic level. As an artistic form it is used to achieve beautiful and permanent images on a stone surface. Generally only black granite is used for etch work. Etching takes a special kind of artist. Someone who is not only skilled in drawing but skilled in the many fields of art and has the particular tools for the job. So we engage the masters in the etching field to get only the best for our clients. We only do fine hand made Etch work done by our artists.
These days though etch work is also done by Lazer. The process of laser engraving requires a laser engraving machine. Advanced technology that can be programmed to move the laser in a distinct pattern with a constant laser beam intensity and timing.

The 'trace' of the pattern that the engraver wishes to have etched on to the material is programmed in to laser engraving machine. The 'trace' is designed so the laser beam only passes over each area once. 'Overlap' can result in certain points having a deeper etch than other points.

Once the 'trace' is programmed in to the laser engraving machine, the laser moves on an X and Y axis, etching the design or pattern in to the material. But it doesn’t produce the delicate results of Etch work by hand.


Here are some examples of Etch work by hand done by our expert artists. Click on the photos to enlarge them.




Japanese Art

Sri Nathji




Hanuman and Muri Bapu

Rajashani Lady

Rajashani Man




Erotic Art

Taj Mahal

Lady in modern art


We can also do Etch work on personal photographs provided by our clients. Here are some examples. Click on the photos to enlarge them.