We specializes in hard surface material Design, including custom murals for swimming pools, spas and all residential and commercial installations. We have provided Design Professionals, Homeowners, Architects and Builders with creative and reliable services.

Our interior designer can come over and understand your requirements. We will study the site and after understanding your requirement and usage we will offer the best possible options for you.

Our company, and its staff, have a deep heart-felt interest in the 'artistic' side of hard surface materials. At Creation Gems we concentrate on their creative use. Our expertise covers glass, stone, gemstone, seashell and ceramics.

Our goal is to give you the knowledge needed to make the correct choices. We have an in-depth knowledge of our materials based on many years in the architectural hard surface material design marketplace. We can point out the features, benefits, pros and cons for your project.
If you already have a laid out marble of granite stone flooring, our artists will come and do the inlay on the existing floor. We will discuss the designs and the choice of stones. Then our artists will get the stones cut of desirable shapes and sizes and come over to your site and do the inlay work.
The choices are virtually unlimited. Lightweight seamless gemstone mesh backed sheeting may be custom-tailored to fit your space. It is available for all types of stones and MOP. With sheeting you can cover an entire wall or ceiling without a single grout joint.
Other backings available are marble and other stones, fiberglass, porcelain, glass or honeycomb aluminum. Finished pieces may be ordered as slabs, tabletops, countertops, baseboards, tile accents, borders or as individual tiles or mosaics. Most gemstones are suitable for residential and commercial, interior or exterior floors. All are rated for aquatic installations including swimming pools and spas.

We are known for our custom work. You may customize the size, thickness, pattern, backing, design, profile edge or use a material combination. All materials are handmade by the finest artisans in the business. Custom murals are available using your art, your customer's art, non-copyrighted artwork.