Mineral Light

Mineral Light is a hybrid Light that is formed when Light is passed through Mineral Crystals. Mineral Crystal Light that possesses the energy signature of the mineral crystal enrich the environment. Mineral Light is light that becomes reconditioned geometrically through Mineral Crystals and enriched with over 250 millions years worth of Geo-Chemical information, thereby increasing it‘s overall informational content.

There are about 3000 known minerals on earth. All rocks are made of two or more minerals, but minerals are not made of rocks. A mineral is the same all the way through. That is one reason we speak of a sample or a specimen rather than a rock.

Each type of Mineral Crystal has a unique geometric structure and energy pattern, possessing stored information from eons ago. Consequently, mineral crystals store a high-value of information.

The atoms (or strings) in a mineral crystal are not just regularly stacked, static „billiard balls“, they are electrically charged. A ray of light that enters a crystal enters a regular, repeating geometric grid of vibrating electric charges and complex electric fields. Consequently, Light‘s own electric and magnetic fields interact with the fields already present in the crystal and Light is effectively slowed down and its wavelength shortened.

What emerges after Light has interacted with minerals crystals is a hybrid form of light - Mineral Crystal Light - that possesses the energy signature of the mineral crystal it has passed through. Crystallized Light Energy possesses a higher informational content that can be used to enrich the body, mind and soul as well as the environmental space that contains it.


The mineral crystals in our Gemstone Panels such as rock crystal or rose quartz emit radiate energy which fall upon areas of our body. The frequencies of crystallized light energy emitted by the mineral light excite the minerals within our own body on a molecular level, causing similar (resonant) oscillations in our own elemental components.

Thus, we essentially absorb these frequencies and allow them to supplement our own natural trace-element frequencies. Gradually, through continued exposure to mineral light, the consistent frequencies emitted from the Gemstone Panel will benifit us and our immediate environment.



Mineral Light of Brazilian Agate slices and epoxy set in a room behind a bed to invoke compatibility among couples.

Moss agate Mineral Light panel in a Yoga and Meditation center. The soothing green light coming through the Moss Agate panel enhances healing.

Panels of Mineral Light made oft stones like Amethyst, Agate, Quartz and Jasper


Small Tiles of Gem stones with frames are also available which can be used for Mineral light. Click on the photos to enlarge them.


Plume & Brazilian Agates

Graveyard & Botswana Agates

Botswana Agates


Also we have made to order mineral lights in the following designs. We also make mineral light blocks which are used for meditation.






Mineral Light Lampshade




Mineral Light Lampshade

Quartz block Mineral Light

Quartz block Mineral Light