Gemstone Displays


Semiprecious stones are used in interiors as inlays, overlays, with epoxy resins and as solid tiles. They are desirable for their beauty, valuable in their rarity and are durable enough to be enjoyed for generations. Gemstones are among the most individual of nature's creations. No two are alike.

We at Creation Gems provide gemstone products which enhance and decorate you homes, living spaces and work place.

Following are some of the different concepts that we have shown. You can get more details in the product page.  


Furniture Concepts by incorporating gem epoxy and overlay.





Table tops concepts and ideas by incorporating gem epoxy and overlay



Malachite table

Lapis Tabletop

Cornilian Display Desk

Amrthyst and Jasper Table


Amethyst Bar Counter

Agate backlit table

Agate backlit Bar

Agate epoxy top


Agate epoxy work counter

Different Jaspers used in table

Petrified wood table top

Agate counter top

Smoky quartz back lit

Quartz backlit counter

Quartz epoxy dinning area

Multiple stone overlay work


Petrified Wood Floor & Wall

sliced agate table top

Sliced agates epoxy work

Blue lace agate


Kitchen concepts and ideas by incorporating gem epoxy and overlay




Agate epoxy kitchen counter

Tiger overlay kitchen counter

Quartz epoxy kitchen top

White quartz epoxy kitchen top


Bedroom and livingroom concepts and ideas by incorporating gem epoxy




Amethyst bed

Brazilian banded Amethyst bed

Amethyst bed

Petrified Wood epoxy display

Flooring and wall concepts and ideas by incorporating gem epoxy




Multiple stones back lit floor

Colored Agates back lit floor

Agate back lit floor

Graphic Feldspar Flooring




Multiple agate back lit wall

Colored Agates back lit wall

Agate back lit wall

Railing back light


Bath concepts and ideas in epoxy and inlay


Quartz back lit bath

Pertified wood bath

Quartz back lit counter

Agate epoxy work


Amethyst epoxy work

Quarzt epoxy work

Ross Quartz with epoxy

MOP work


Yellow sliced agates

Amethyst epoxy work

Blue agate epoxy

Tiger eye overlay work

MOP overlay work

Agate epoxy work

Agate counter

Carnelian epoxy

Cornelian epoxy work

Quartz epoxy work

MOP and ross quartz epoxy

Byznentine style tile work


Inlay and epoxy in furniture and woodwork




MOP door inlay

MOP inlay on wooden tabletop

Dining table of petrified wood

wood and ross quartz epoxy


Basin concepts and ideas by incorporating overlay and gem epoxy



MOP ovelay

Tiger stone overlay

Gem epoxy basins

Lapis overlay